Overview of MIRA

The Materials Innovation and Recycling Authority, or “MIRA”, is Connecticut’s quasi-public organization responsible for the development and operation of systems and facilities that turn municipal solid waste into useful materials. Our systems and facilities help our state meet the goals of the current Solid Waste Management Plan, which are to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover resources from municipal solid waste. MIRA systems and facilities provide for solid waste disposal and volume reduction, the processing and remarketing of single-stream recyclable material, and the production of energy from the non-recyclable portion of the waste stream. To ensure Connecticut maintains its place as a leader in recycling, solid waste, and sustainable  materials management, MIRA is also partnering with the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (“DEEP”) and embarking on a redevelopment of these facilities and systems to take advantage of cutting-edge technology.

So What Does All That Mean in Layperson’s Terms?

We are not the people who pick up your waste and recyclables (that would be your hauler or your municipal collection fleet). But if you live in one of the municipalities that has contracted with us, or are a customer of one of the haulers that has contracted with us, we developed and manage the recycling and resource-recovery facilities to which they bring your waste and recyclables. And we will continue to develop and manage new facilities in the future in accordance with Connecticut’s new Comprehensive Materials Management Strategy.

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Improved Technology

What we call waste is merely someone’s unwanted materials.  MIRA and its predecessor have always represented the evolution of materials management in the region. Years ago, that meant evolving from backyard burn barrels and town dumps to state-of -the-art resource recovery facilities. It meant developing a modern recycling infrastructure. And now, we are beginning the next step in the evolution of sustainable materials management in Connecticut.