Haulers are an important part of our supply chain, whether they are delivering recyclables into our recycling facility, delivering  waste into our resource recovery facility,  or hauling outbound commodities to market from those facilities. This section of the website contains information that is of particular interest to haulers, which for the purposes of this section of the website includes any of the following:

  • Municipal collection fleets
  • Private haulers delivering on behalf of a municipal customer
  • Private haulers delivering “hauler-controlled” materials from their customers
  • Other (e.g. short-term customers, self-hauling institutional customers, etc.)


Hours of operation and holiday hours

2014 Holiday Schedule (CSWS)
(PDF / 2 pages / 151 KB)

2015 Holiday Schedule (CSWS)
(PDF / 2 pages / 154 KB)



CSWS Permitting Disposal & Billing Procedures
(PDF/34 pages/490KB/effective November 16, 2012)

CSWS_recycling_guide (2015)
(PDF/2 pages/261KB)


Information on permitting and becoming a MIRA customer

To open an account with MIRA, you will need to fill out and submit a permit application form

(PDF/15 pages/923KB/April 8, 2014)

You may also need a


Directions to our facilities

Click on a facility below to see a drop-down of information about that facility

211 Murphy Road
Hartford, CT 06114

Town Dump Road
Essex, CT 06442

Vista Drive
Torrington, CT 06790

Echo Lake Road
Watertown, CT 06795


Live webcam of the Inbound Scales at the WPF

Live webcam of the Outbound Scales at the WPF