In order to improve convenience and increase participation in recycling programs, MIRA accepts both single stream and dual stream commingled recyclables from its customers.

Recycling Guidelines

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Overview of MIRA’s Recycling Facility

MIRA’s recycling facility is an intermediate processing center where commingled recyclables are sorted and prepared for manufacturers.

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Recycling Impact

Looking to save energy?  Are you concerned about climate change?  Recycle.  The impacts might surprise you.  The US EPA has a calculator (WARM) that looks at the life-cycle impacts of recycling and various Sustainable Materials Management decisions.

In 2019, MIRA’s recycling facility shipped more than 70,000 tons of sorted and processed recyclables to manufacturers.  Had we not recycled those materials, they would have otherwise been discarded as trash and the manufacturers would have had to extract and process virgin natural resources to make their products.