Recyclables and waste from within each municipality may be delivered to MIRA’s facilities in a few different ways:

  • By municipal collection fleets;
  • By waste haulers under contract to a municipality to provide collection services within the municipality.  Such haulers deliver these materials to MIRA’s facilities as an agent of the municipality;
  • By waste haulers under contract directly to a homeowner or business within the municipality; and
  • By a few institutional and large commercial customers who self-haul their own materials.

Anyone delivering materials to MIRA’s facilities must comply with MIRA’s Permitting, Disposal & Billing Procedures.

For hours of operation and  a holiday schedule, click here. 

Depending on what the material is, and what type of Municipal Service Agreement (or MSA) your municipality signed with MIRA, these materials may or may not be included on your municipality’s account.