The notices include Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Bid (RFB), and Request for Qualifications (RFQ), collectively “Solicitations”.  Solicitations are listed chronologically , starting with the most recently posted (any addenda are listed just below the original notice).

If you click on a solicitation number below, you will see links to each of the documents associated with that RFB/P/Q.  These documents in the drop-down include the complete Solicitation Package Document (in PDF format), any Addenda that have been issued for that solicitation, and various forms are also provided in Word/Excel format. You may download these forms and fill them out electronically.

The current postings on this page are:


Addendum 2
(PDF / 77 pages  / 3.3 MB)

Addendum 1
(PDF / 5 pages / 536KB)

Request For Qualifications

Request For Qualifications
(PDF / 81 pages / 4.2 MB)

Proposal Forms in Word

RFP Attachment 2 – SOQ Form
(Word / 6 pages / 172 KB)

RFP Attachment 3 – Payment Rate Schedule Form
(Word / 5 pages / 165 KB)

RFP Attachment 4 –Background Questionnaire
(Word / 3 pages / 158 KB)

RFP Attachment 5 – Questionnaire concerning Affirmative Action, etc.
(Word / 2 pages / 160 KB)

Request For Expressions of Interest – Spot Waste Contact List

MIRA maintains a list of haulers (the “Spot Waste List”) from which MIRA solicits Spot Waste via e-mail from time to time in the event of a Fuel Shortage in accordance with MIRA’s Permitting, Disposal and Billing Procedures.  If you are a waste hauler that is not already a MIRA customer, who is able to deliver Spot Waste to MIRA, and who wishes to be added to MIRA’s Spot Waste List, please e-mail the following information to

Subject of email:  Spot Waste List

In the body of the email, please list:

  • Company Name
  • Contact Person Name & Title
  • Email address of Contact Person
  • Phone number of Contact Person