The notices include Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Bid (RFB), and Request for Qualifications (RFQ), collectively “Solicitations”.  Solicitations are listed chronologically , starting with the most recently posted (any addenda are listed just below the original notice).

If you click on a solicitation number below, you will see links to each of the documents associated with that RFB/P/Q.  These documents in the drop-down include the complete Solicitation Package Document (in PDF format), any Addenda that have been issued for that solicitation, and various forms are also provided in Word/Excel format. You may download these forms and fill them out electronically.

The current postings on this page are:

Firms and individuals interested in this RFP for Private Developers To Access And Use MIRA Properties For The Development Of Zero Carbon Resources should complete and submit the Notice of Interest Form below.  MIRA will notify potential proposers who have submitted a Notice of Interest Form when additional RFP Documents have been posted to MIRA’s website.


Addenda 1
(PDF / 3 pages / 517 KB)

Notice of Interest Form

Notice of Interest Form
(Word / 1 page / 56 KB)

Announcement and Instructions

Request For Proposals (announcement and instructions – additional RFP package documents to follow)
(PDF / 14 pages / 133KB/ Issued June 29, 2018)

During periods of the year when forecasted deliveries of municipal solid waste (MSW) are not sufficient for the desired optimal operation of MIRA’s CSWS resources recovery facility (RRF), resulting in a need for additional quantities of MSW, MIRA will offer capacity in the RRF for Spot Waste from  existing and potential waste hauling customers.

If you are a waste hauling company or organization involved in hauling MSW and you would like the opportunity to participate in MIRA’s spot waste solicitations, please send an email expressing your interest, and include all email addresses that you would like MIRA to use in its email solicitation to your company, to , with a copy to and  When MIRA has need for spot waste you will receive an email from offering you the opportunity to provide a price at which you will deliver spot waste to MIRA, along with the quantity that you can deliver. Thank you.